Agenda Board meeting EUROMET 2010.doc. Minutes of Boardmeeting france2009.doc. EUROMET program  in english.doc. EUROMET program  in french.doc.

Euromet Symposium in Helsinki Sep 29th – Oct 1st 2010

“Education and Innovations

for Young People”


Colloque Euromet à Helsinki du 29 sept. au 1er oct. 2010

“Éducation et innovations pour les jeunes ”

Minutes of Boardmeeting, Tours, France, 29th September, 2009


Agenda Board meeting EUROMET, Helsinki, Finland,

Wednesday 29 September 2010


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Helsinki 2010 minutes Board meeting EUROMET 2010.doc. school shootings.pdf. pisa.pdf. excursion etappi special care.pdf. youth home.pdf.